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Weekly Icontest

a different kind of theme, every week

Random Icon Contest
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Welcome everyone ^_^ This is another one of those icon contest communities, because we all love them. This one is a bit different from the ones that I have seen. (I'm not saying there aren't any like this!) It is a weekly icon contest community that will have a different theme each week, and a different show, band or video game. If you're interested, join here.

1. Members submitting icons can only submit one per week/theme
2. All icons have to be related to the theme of the week, not just the show/band/videogame.
3. The icons have to be 100x100 and 40kg or less (in other words, lj useable).
4. Don't get your friends to vote for your icons, it's cheating and you're not proving anything to yourself that way.
5. Don't steal someone else's icon. Ask permission when voting is over.
6. Please don't use already made icons, make new ones!
7. Avoid voting for your own icons.

This is the easiest way to submit the icons that you want to use.

(icon url)



New Themes: Monday
Submissions: Monday - Friday @ 6pm
Voting: Friday Night - Sunday @ 6pm
Winners will be announced Sunday night

There will be a post that you will comment to, that will have all of the icons for the week. The icons are to be numbered, so you just pick your 3 favorite, and comment with their numbers(the first one being your top favoite, and the last one being your third).

Results will be posted Sunday, and the new theme will be posted Monday, unless the current mod is busy/forgets(which we hope doesn't happen!).

Winners moved to here ^.^

hentai_awards bishounenawards i_spoof
_mechachallenge chevelle_ictest 311_challenge
rock_challenge mixtapeicontest mcr__icontest
a7x_stillness mestchallenge05 18v_icontest
silver_icontest rome_icontest atreyuchallenge

want to link to us? contact one of the mods! ^_^

If there are any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to email the top mod HERE or contact through AIM ::thetifaness:: (this is japanesesocks's aim name). You can also leave a comment in the community.